Grime Boss hits the road

by / Wednesday, 19 December 2012 / Published in Grime Boss

Grime Boss hits the road

Grime Boss have just taken delivery of a new curtain sider  trailer, extolling the virtues of this new, UK manufactured heavy duty hand wipe.  Keep your eyes peeled as it delivers its in-demand cargo across the UK.

Dirt that traditionally has very difficult to remove, such as oil and grease, can now be cleaned away without the need for harsh chemicals. The citrus scent of Grime Boss also helps to remove any lingering smells. Ideal for use, when working on a job and water isn’t readily available, the wipes provide a quick and easy solution to hand hygiene. Keep some in the glovebox for everyday hand cleaning, perhaps after filling up at the service station, changing the tyre or refilling the washer fluid. What is clear is that Grime Boss understands hard working hands!

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