No, Grime Boss is manufactured to the rigorous standards of the EU Cosmetic Regulations and contains only ingredients suited to frequent contact with the skin.

Grime Boss is manufactured in the Nice-Pak International factory in Flint, North Wales.

Yes, independent research testing has confirmed the efficacy of Grime Boss in the removal of PU foam.

No, Grime Boss has to be disposed of with household waste.

Yes, Grime Boss has been panel tested through independent research and has been shown to be effective against all the soil types claimed on pack and much more.

Formulations that are developed to be effective at hand cleaning are different to those used for cleaning tools & surfaces for the following reasons:- Hands are different to hard surfaces and so the raw materials used are different and need to comply with different laws.
- Hand cleaning products need to comply with the EC Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) and its amendments. This is implemented in the UK by the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations. The main purpose of the Cosmetics Directive is to ensure products are safe for human use and each cosmetic product must be the subject of a safety assessment performed by a duly qualified professional before it is placed on the market.
- Some other products sometimes claim they can be used on tools and surfaces. These may claim antibacterial action against specific named bacteria. By law these are not allowed to be a cosmetic product like Grime Boss and would need to comply with the Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC) which regulates all biocidal products including pest control products like rodenticides, insecticides and embalming fluids.