Tinkering under the bonnet, trying to get the timing just right gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you take the classic out in the afternoon. Accidentally transferring oil or grease from your hands to the interior or the paintwork does not. Don’t take the chance – use Grime Boss and remove the grime before you close the bonnet or get in the car. Proper wipes that get the job done!
Every toolbox needs Grime Boss. Ready when and where you need them, Grime Boss easily removes gunk and grime from your hands, arms and face without the need to keep returning to the kitchen sink, so more time to get the job done before the family get home. Proper wipes that get the job! done!
You’ve painted the skirting board to finish the room. Just time for a cup of tea while you stand back and admire your handiwork before the other half gets back. Don’t get gloss paint on the taps in the new kitchen; use Grime Boss and save yourself another job. Proper wipes that get the job done!
The bay window slides in beautifully and you need to fill in the gaps beneath the sill. The PU foam makes sealing the gaps so easy these days, but try getting it off your hands, especially the hairs on your forearm. No need to worry when you have Grime Boss. A quick wipe before the PU foam hardens and it’s gone. Proper wipes that get the job done!
You’ve fitted that new shower pump in the eaves of the house and crawled back to the loft hatch, only banging your head the once. You’d better not spoil that new paintwork as you climb down. Thankfully you have a pack of Grime Boss in your tool box. Clean the dirt away and refresh your hands and face with Grime Boss. Proper wipes that get the job done!
You have laid out all your materials, paints, tools and Grime Boss on the desk. You cannot wait to build that model dinosaur with your grandson. A slip with the tube of glue and your hands are covered in adhesive. No problem when you have Grime Boss close by. The sticky residue is easily removed and no glue transferred to the chair.
A puncture or a slipped chain are the last thing you want today but then there never is a good time to change an inner tube! With a puncture repair kit it takes a few minutes to mend the tyre and get on your way. But what about your hands? The 10 wipes pack of Grime Boss fits easily into a saddle bag and offers a fast and effective clean, saddling up again to continue your ride.
The lawns are cut and the bedding plants in full bloom. Time to finish the paving near the pond before a quick lunch. Too late, sandwiches are already on the picnic table. A quick wipe with Grime Boss removes the dirt and moistens those dry hands before you sit down to eat (and no muddy footprints in the kitchen)
A challenging day with a highly competitive field yet you still win your class. Your body aches and your hands are starting to chafe after all the rope work, seaspray and northerlies. A quick swab of the deck before you head to the Rope & Anchor. A quick clean with Grime Boss revitalises your hands and replenishes the moisture.
You been casting bait and you’ve finally caught something. It’s not quite a whopper! Perhaps you can embellish down the Red Lion later on. Phew – your hands smell a bit after a few hours down by the lake. Better scrub up before getting into the new car. Good job you’ve kept a pack of Grime Boss in the tackle bag. No slime, fresh citrus fragrance and nicely moisturised hands to help prevent dry skin.
You’ve had a great day walking in the hills and aim to set camp before a welcome barbeque dinner. Unfurling the canvas again and driving in the pegs only takes a few minutes these days but you still need to clean up before eating. Good job you’ve brought some Grime Boss to clean up and revitalise those hands which have been exposed to the elements all day.
The sun is still out and the barbeque has been a success, especially the Aberdeen Angus burgers. Why not clean the grill before sitting down to finish that beer. With a scraper and wire brush your grill is soon restored but what about the grease on your hands? Good job you have some Grime Boss under the sink. These heavy duty hand wipes cut through the grease, leaving your hands feeling clean, smelling fresh and moisturised.